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Individuals & Couples

Outside of divorce, very few individuals would consider asking a family law professional for advice on their investments, savings, and financial matters. Despite this fact, divorcing couples still continue to leave life-changing financial decisions in the hands of family law professionals and the courts.

In many divorces, individuals must face the overwhelming task of determining how to best divide a lifetime of joint income, savings, investments, and debt in a manner that provides the most favorable outcome for their specific needs. To do that effectively, one must consider not just the immediate impact of such decisions, but also the longer-term projections. This is precisely why a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ is crucial to any divorce and where Divorce Financial Solutions can assist you the most.

Overview of Services

While our expertise allows us to address even the most complex financial situations, our focus will remain specific to your personal situation and desired outcomes. We utilize a detailed summary of your marital financial picture and work with you to find an optimal financial outcome based on your projected post-divorce needs. Our work will save you time and money in your divorce and allow you to move ahead with confidence and clarity.

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High-Net-Worth Divorce

Unintended financial mistakes occur even when dividing relatively straightforward marital estates. Given the added complexities of a high-net-worth estate, the likelihood of occurrence and adverse financial impact of financial errors in your divorce are magnified. Adding DFS to your team of experts will help improve your odds of a more optimal asset-division outcome that avoids unintended errors

The DFS team has over 13 years of divorce financial experience working through complex assets such as:

  • Post-Divorce Financial Planning
  • Pension Plans (private, state and military)
  • Restricted Stock Awards/Grants
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Stock Options (ISO, Incentive NQ)
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Rental Property
  • Private Businesses

Pension Valuation Services

When dividing the marital estate, it is often helpful to convert pension assets into a lump-sum figure that can more easily be measured against other retirement assets like IRA's and 401k plans. Divorce Financial Solutions can assist in valuing pensions and other income stream assets like social security. Contact us HERE to discuss pension valuation and consulting services.

MA State Pensions

Are your Future Benefits Protected?

If you have a vested interest in a Massachusetts State Pension (Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System -MTRS or the Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System- MSERS), it is very likely one of the most valuable assets in your divorce. Despite this fact, many divorcing individuals fail to obtain the proper education or seek the professional guidance required to understand this complex but valuable asset. Dividing State Pensions without a complete understanding of the many risks involved, can have financially devastating results with potential aggregate losses (to the recipient spouse) or over-payments (from the employee spouse) totaling tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. In the worst cases, benefits intended for the recipient spouse can be lost entirely.

Download Our MA State Pension Intake Form

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The Problem

State Pensions are too often lumped into the broad category of retirement assets by divorce professionals and the family courts. If a couple has $100,000 in the bank, it is understood that to divide that account equally means that each spouse receives $50,000. Now instead, assume that one spouse has twenty years of service as a teacher, firefighter or police office and a vested pension with the State Retirement System. What does it mean to divide the pension "equally"? When dividing a State Pension, there are dozens of topics and life-events to address, and any of them can alter future benefits. Below is a sample list of topics that require discussion:

  1. How will benefits be calculated years from now at retirement? What is the right formula to use? Read more...
  2. How do you account for service earned before/after the divorce?
  3. What if someone remarries before/after retirement? 
  4. What if someone dies before/after retirement? 
  5. What if the annuity savings fund is refunded in lieu of the pension. 
  6. Should it be required to retire under Option B, Option C? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Who should pay for the cost of that option?

The Solution

Divorce Financial Solutions provides MA State Pension Consulting services designed specifically to educate and empower State Employees on the options and potential trouble spots with their State Pensions. We will guide you through the entire process and help eliminate unintended financial mistakes. Don't leave your financial future unprotected. Contact us today to set up a pension consultation.