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Divorce Financial Solutions

In the past, many divorcing individuals placed their entire financial fate in the hands of divorce professionals who were trained  in family law – not finance. Today, more and more individuals recognize the tangible benefits of working through the many aspects of divorce finances with a trained expert.

Divorce Financial Solutions provides specific and expert financial advice as it relates to the division of marital income, assets and debt pursuant to your divorce. We bring financial clarity and structure to a process often clouded by emotion, haste and misinformation. Eliminate the guess-work and subjectivity surrounding divorce. Contact Divorce Financial Solutions and start making well-informed choices.

Divorce Financial Planning

Financial consulting services provided by Divorce Financial Solutions is conducive to all types of divorce. Whether you are pursuing divorce mediation, collaborative or contested divorce, our financial expertise will bring empowering clarity and efficiency to your divorce process. Save time and money. Consult with an expert in divorce finances today. Divorce Financial Solutions is also the leading and expert provider of Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDRO) for Massachusetts divorce.

Contact Divorce Financial Solutions today to learn more about our Divorce Financial Planning and QDRO preparation services.

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Who We Are

Making a Difference in Divorce and Beyond

At DFS, we are experts in divorce finances. Our mission is to help family law professionals and divorcing couples obtain financial clarity during divorce so that well-informed decisions can be made. We help to eliminate guess-work and to replace emotion-based decisions with insightful choices based on facts and supporting evidence. With finances at the center of many separations, our work is a perfect and necessary complement to the divorce process.

More and more of the top-rated mediation and family law practices in Massachusetts are utilizing the expertise of Divorce Financial Solutions to assist their clients.  Conveniently located in Westborough and Boston, MA, DFS is the premier divorce financial partner for today’s leading family law practitioners and divorce mediators.

Contact us here now to learn more.

Adam Waitkevich, CFP®, ADFA™, CDFA®, Certified QDRO Specialist™ Photo

Adam Waitkevich, CFP®, ADFA™, CDFA®, Certified QDRO Specialist™

President and Founder


Divorce Financial Solutions, LLC was founded and developed in 2010 by Adam Waitkevich to fill an unmet financial need that is specific to divorcing couples. In working with his clients as a Certified Financial Planner practitioner™, Adam witnessed first-hand, the near destruction of well-established financial plans due to emotion-based and hasty decisions regarding alimony, child care and the division of the marital estate. Today, Adam is proud to offer divorcing couples the same impartial and competent advice that his loyal financial planning clients have benefited from over the years.

Adam is a professionally trained divorce mediator and holds the Advanced Divorce Financial Analyst (ADFA) & the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ designation (CDFA®).  He is a frequent speaker on investment & divorce-related topics and regularly instructs family law professionals and aspiring divorce mediators about advanced divorce finances. Adam is also a Certified QDRO Specialist™ (CQS™) and prepares Q(DRO's) and other Court-Orders that are required when dividing retirement accounts in divorce. Adam received his B.S. in economics from Clark University where he graduated summa cum laude and is also the President of Coppertree®, our independent financial planning firm in Worcester, MA. 

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact Divorce Financial Solutions at 508-839-3730. 

Joseph Waitkevich, Certified QDRO Specialist™ Photo

Joseph Waitkevich, Certified QDRO Specialist™

Divorce Financial Consultant



Joseph is a recent graduate from Fairfield University and has his B.S. in Finance. Joe assists in all aspects of the divorce planning practice including divorce financial consulting and the administration of the firm's QDRO processing. Joe holds the Certified QDRO Specialist™ designation and is currently studying for his Certified Divorce Financial Analyst credentials. Joe is an avid Celtics fan and fitness enthusiast. 

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Individuals and Couples

Outside of divorce, very few individuals would consider asking a family law professional for advice with their investments, savings and financial matters.  Despite this fact, divorcing couples still continue to leave life-changing financial decisions in the hands of family law professionals and the courts.

In many divorces, individuals must face the overwhelming task of how best to divide a lifetime of joint income, savings, investments, and debt in a manner that provides the most favorable outcome for their specific needs.   To do that effectively requires that one consider not just the immediate impact of such decisions, but also the longer-term projections. This is precisely why a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ is crucial to any divorce and where Divorce Financial Solutions can assist you the most.

If you are facing a divorce situation, contact DFS today to learn how you can avoid financial mistakes and arrive at an intelligent, equitable settlement for your divorce. If your current divorce professional is not consulting with a CDFA™, don’t hesitate to contact us on your own.

Overview of Services

While our expertise allows us to address even the most complex financial situations, our focus will remain specific to your personal situation and desired outcomes. We utilize a detailed summary of your marital financial picture and work with you to find an optimal financial outcome based on your projected post-divorce needs. Our work will save you time and money in your divorce and allow you to move ahead with confidence and clarity.

Click here to contact Divorce Financial Solutions and get started today.

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Divorce Professionals

At Divorce Financial Solutions, we provide financial expertise to family law attorneys,  divorce mediators and collaborative divorce professionals. We appreciate the often-delicate nature of divorce and work diligently to capture and present the divorce finances in a simple, yet productive manner.

For Family Law attorneys icon

For Family Law Attorneys:

As an advocate, you are responsible for seeing your client through the entire divorce process while overcoming numerous obstacles that fall outside of your control. At DFS, our expert and detailed financial consulting will help you quickly overcome issues like:

  • Unrealistic client expectations (financial or otherwise)
  • Unrealistic expectations from opposing counsel and/or their client
  • High level of subjectivity by the courts as it relates to the division of marital income, assets and debt
  • Wide range of financial intellect and savvy of judges and decision-makers
  • Financial reports from opposing counsel prepared by less-than-qualified parties

At DFS, we will help you be a more convincing advocate and to arrive at more favorable settlement agreements for your clients. Our work is clean, thorough and professional. Contact us on your next case and experience the difference first-hand.

For divorce mediators icon

For Divorce Mediators:

As a mediator, you are committed to being a neutral party in the process of a couples’ divorce, and to guide them through the issues at hand. The complex nature of dividing marital assets can often prove challenging within mediation, especially for couples where  financial acumen is low or disproportionate.

Our financial expertise at DFS is a perfect complement to the mediation process. We take time to educate and empower both parties as to their many options relating to the division of their marital enterprise.  As a result, both parties are able to make well-informed decisions that more closely align to their true intentions and objectives. We deliver our information in an objective manner that promotes couples to remain committed to the mediation process and finding their solutions together.

Contact us on today to discuss how we can work with your practice.

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QDRO Preparation

Full Service QDRO Preparation by a 

Certified QDRO Specialist 

We provide full service with all of our QDRO's for one flat fee that includes:

  • Complete review of existing agreement language
  • Preparing the draft QDRO
  • Coordinating with the plan administrator for pre-approval
  • Delivery of pre-approved QDRO with complete processing instructions to all relevant parties
  • Assistance with distribution forms for alternate payee (if needed)

Contact DFS today for efficient and complete QDRO services.

For divorces that require the division of one or more State, Federal or ERISA-governed retirement plans, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) or similar Court Order must be prepared. A QDRO is a court Order that should be prepared by an expert who is proficient with retirement plans, divorce and ERISA law. 

At DFS we are QDRO experts. Adam is one of the very few Certified QDRO Specialist™ (CQS™) in the country, which means he has specific and unique expertise related to drafting and reviewing QDRO and QDRO-like Court orders.  He is uniquely qualified to prepare, and review QDRO’s and to counsel divorce mediators and family law attorneys through the entire QDRO process with their clients. 

For Family Law Attorneys QDRO icon

For Family Law Attorneys:

A QDRO is not a neutral document and can be tailored to favor one side over another in many instances. Outsourcing your QDRO drafting to Divorce Financial Solutions, adds a Certified QDRO Specialist™, to your team. Once retained, we will prepare a timely and thorough Order and also introduce any insight and strategy that may further benefit your client as it relates to the QDRO drafting language.

Eliminate concerns about poorly drafted QDRO’s and malpractice claims. Take steps to reduce your liability and improve your client advocacy. Contact Divorce Financial Solutions and streamline your Q(DRO) needs.

For Divorce Mediators QDRO icon

For Divorce Mediators:

Dividing retirement accounts is divorce can be especially confusing to some couples. Utilizing Divorce Financial Solutions for your QDRO needs will add empowering financial clarity to the mediation process. More importantly, leveraging the expertise of a Certified QDRO Specialist™ will help facilitate the mediation process and allow you to better maintain your neutral role. With all mediated QDRO cases, we will assure that both parties are educated on all available options as it relates to dividing retirement accounts and preparing the QDRO. 

Add financial expertise to your next QDRO, contact us today.

Pension Valuation Services

When dividing the marital estate, it is often helpful to convert pension assets into a lump-sum figure that can more easily be measured against other retirement assets like IRA's and 401k plans. Divorce Financial Solutions can assist in valuing pensions and other income stream assets like social security. Contact us HERE to discuss pension valuation and consulting services.

MA State Pensions

Are your Future Benefits Protected?

If you have a vested interest in a Massachusetts State Pension (Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System -MTRS or the Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System- MSERS), it is very likely one of the most valuable assets in your divorce. Despite this fact, many divorcing individuals fail to obtain the proper education or seek the expertise required to understand this complex but valuable asset. Dividing State Pensions without a complete understanding of the many risks involved, can have financially devastating results with potential aggregate losses (to the recipient spouse) or overpayments (from the employee spouse) totaling tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. In the worst cases, benefits intended for the recipient spouse can be lost entirely.

The Problem

State Pensions are too often lumped into the broad category of retirement assets by divorce professionals and the family courts. If a couple has $100,000 in the bank, it is understood that to divide that account equally means that each spouse receives $50,000. Now instead, assume that one spouse has twenty years of service as a teacher, firefighter or police office and a vested pension with the State Retirement System. What does it mean to divide the pension "equally"? When dividing a State Pension, there are dozens of topics and life-events to address, and any of them can alter future benefits. Below is a sample list of topics that require discussion:

  1. How will benefits be calculated years from now at retirement? What is the right formula to use? (read more about this here)
  2. How do you account for service earned before/after the divorce?
  3. What if someone remarries before/after retirement? 
  4. What if someone dies before/after retirement? 
  5. What if the annuity savings fund is refunded in lieu of the pension. 
  6. Should it be required to retire under Option B, Option C? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Who should pay for the cost of that option?

The Solution

Divorce Financial Solutions provides MA State Pension Consulting services designed specifically to educate and empower State Employees on the options and potential trouble spots with their State Pensions. We will guide you through the entire process and help eliminate unintended financial mistakes. Don't leave your financial future unprotected. Contact us today to set up a pension consultation.

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